A Home for Sustainable Enterprises


There's been too many cases of VC-funded startups providing services to their customers and then selling up and leaving customers high and dry.

There is another way, bootstrapping.

This website celebrates the effort and endeavour of smaller/medium-sized companies and founders without the ticking time-bomb of 'the next round of funding' hanging over them.

We believe in supporting sustainable enterprises. In the same way that there's a movement to 'buy local' when you get your food, consider this site a way to 'buy sunstainable' products and services.

This list relies on submissions from the community, we're always keen to hear of new businesses, so feel free to let us know if we haven't included one of your favourites or even your own business.

I'm Andy I'm a iOS & Rails designer & developer in Brighton, UK.

I run an email list called bootstrapping.io, you might like it if you're interested in bootstrapping your own product or company.